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Carnival in Trinidad

Carnival in Trinidad consists of a great number of different events spread over more than a month leading up to the main parade downtown Port of Spain on the Monday and Tuesday before Ash Wednesday.

Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago

The 2019 calendar of events:

There are a vast number of events over the carnival season. Listed are a few of interest to cruisers. To make reservations for any event, contact Jesse James - Members only Maxi- Taxi and Tour Services at (868) 634-1658 or CH 68.

  • Sunday, February 17 - National Panorama Semi-Finals
  • Thursday, February 21 - Kings and Queens Preliminaries
  • Saturday, February 23 - Redcross Kiddie Carnival
  • Sunday, February 24 - Old Yard, Old time Carnival
  • Wednesday, February 27 - David Rudder Show
  • Wednesday, February 27 - Kings and Queens Finals
  • Thursday, February 28 - Patrice Roberts
  • Saturday, March 2 - National Panorama Finals (mediam & large)
  • Sunday, March 3 - Jouvert
  • Monday, March 4 - Parade of Bands
  • Tuesday, March 5 - Parade of Bands
  • Saturday, March 9 - Champs of Steel, plus
  • Thursday Evening, February 21 - Kings and Queens Semi-final judging
  • Saturday, February 23 - Children's Carnival
  • Sunday, February 24 - Traditional Carnival
  • Saturday, March 3 - Childeren's Carnival Parade
  • Saturday Night, March 3 - Jouvet
  • Monday and Tuesday, March 5 and 6 - Parade of Bands

Listen to the morning net at 8:00 for pickup times. Note: Please ticket costs and pickup times are subject to change on short notice, so please confirm 24 hours prior. Note also: Some events restrict the use of cameras. Please check ahead of time.

Some of the Carnival events include:

Pan Yards:

Pan music is a uniquely Trinidad invention. Each pan yard competes with each other for honers and prizes. The competition is high with honors and prizes going to the winner in many categories.

The Classic Carnival:

Many say that the big parades downtown have lost the "real" carnival spirit. The Old Time Carnival on the campus of the University of the West Indies has brought the classic carnival and its typical characters back for everyone to see. They tell the story of how carnival has evolved to its current form.

The Main Parade

The main Carnival parades on Monday and Tuesday are spectacular. An all day event with bands large and small parading past. When we left at 5 in the afternoon, bands were still waiting to appear stretched as far as the eye could see.


Carnival in Trinidad, Main Parade
Carnival in Trinidad, Main Parade
Traditional Carnival, Trinidad
Traditional Carnival, Trinidad
A Pan Player, Trinidad
A Pan Player, Trinidad